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A Zero Deposit policy can replace a traditional tenancy deposit, making renting more affordable for tenants while giving landlords the same protection as having a tenancy deposit in the bank.


Pay Less Upfront
Free up your cash by buying a Zero Deposit Guarantee instead of paying a costly deposit.

Rent Deposit-Free
Pay a fee of one week’s rent to move in, rather than an expensive deposit. We’ll give your landlord the security they need.

Free-Up Cash
Use your freed up cash to rent a nicer place, take a holiday or save towards your dream home.

Fair For Everyone
When moving out, you pay for any damage or unpaid rent. Any disputes are expertly evaluated by the Tenancy Deposit Scheme.

Check out the FAQs for Tenants


Rent Faster
Reduce void periods by lowering the upfront cost for your tenants.

Zero Deposit reduces the upfront cost of renting for tenants. This helps speed up the process and reduce void periods.

Full Protection
Tenants purchase a Guarantee that provides you with the same protection as a traditional security deposit.

Less Hassle & Cost
Save time & money by not having to register with a deposit protection scheme.

Check out the FAQs for Landlords

Regulated by The FCA

The Zero Deposit scheme is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)  and means there are safeguards in place to ensure everything is fair and transparent. FCA standards ensure the necessary protection is in place for our customer and partners.

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