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Dilapidations relate to disrepair of buildings and land, commonly where a landlord or a tenant has an obligation to repair. As a landlord, you can instruct one of our surveyors to inspect the property and prepare a schedule. This includes items of disrepair, remedial work required, the clause in the lease which applies to each item and the estimated cost of repair. By working with us, you can save time and money and be confident that everything is in order.

Schedules of Dilapidations may comprise:

– The purpose of the schedule.

– Details of the location and extent of the property being assessed.

– A general description of the construction of the property.

– The time, date and weather conditions under which the inspection was made.

– Aspects of the property included in or excluded from the assessment.

– The purposes for which the schedule may be relied.

– Drawings of the property.

– Definitions (for example, ‘slight’, ‘moderate’ and ‘severe’).

– A written schedule setting out the location and nature of each item inspected (inside and out) and its condition and any other remarks. This will describe the overall condition and may identify existing issues such as cracks, staining, holes, decay, discolouration, leaks and other defects, disrepair or deterioration.

– Accompanying photographs and video.

– Specific tests that may have been carried out.

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